2022-11-09 Takt Production Forum 2

Second International Forum on Takt Production in Construction

WHEN: 9 November 2022
WHERE: Virtual on berkeley.zoom.us

P2SL is pleased to announce the Second International Forum on Takt Production in Construction, that will be hosted online on Wednesday 9 November 2022, from 7:00-12:00 PST (California time), 17:00-22:00 EEST (Finland time). This forum is organized by UC Berkeley’s Project Production System Laboratory (P2SL) in collaboration with Aalto University and Vison Oy in Finland.

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With industry case examples and discussion sessions, the Forum’s aim is to disseminate takt production knowledge, spur new ideas, foster discussion, and increase collaboration between takt experts and enthusiasts from countries around the world.

The Forum’s sessions are arranged around two themes, each covering presentations from world-class takt experts and followed by break-out group- and plenary discussions.

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Forum Hosts

Prof. Iris D. Tommelein 2022-10
Forum Host: Iris Tommelein is a Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Project Management and she directs the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL) at UC Berkeley. She was recognized by the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) as a Lean Pioneer. Since 2012 she has been involved in takt planning research, workshops, and implementation.
Theme 1 Chair: Joonas Lehtovaara is a PhD student at Aalto University in Finland, developing his expertise and advancing the state of the art of takt production.
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Theme 2 Chair: Aleksi Heinonen is a partner in Vison Oy, a pioneering Finnish consulting company in IPD and takt production implementation. Aleksi has been involved in dozens of takt production cases, ranging from small residential projects to megaprojects such as hospitals and airports.

Agenda Outline

Theme 1: Cultural Change with Takt Production

Takt production requires new ways of thinking at the strategic- and at the operational level of projects as well as of organizations involved in those projects. It requires a cultural change. Companies are assessing their ‘takt maturity.’ In this session, the presenters will speak about the development of takt production competence throughout an organization.

Presentation 1 – Pekka Kujansuu & Magnus Vissebråten
Title – Takt Production in Skanska Nordics – We are Better Together

Pekka Kujansuu is a Senior Advisor at Skanska Norway. He has previously worked in Skanska Finland
where he developed takt production competence in the company’s commercial business unit.
Magnus Vissebråten is a Site Manager at Skanska Norway, currently working in a hospital project in Oslo that is Skanska Norway’s first project that uses takt production. Magnus is responsible for the takt control phase and the implementation of new digital tools aiding takt implementation.

Presentation 2 – Kasperi Koivu
Title – Takt as a Production System: Business Portfolio Flow and Situational Awareness

Kasperi Koivu is a Project Manager at Fira Oy, a Finnish construction company that aims to disrupt construction through improved flow and digitalization. Kasperi has worked for several years with implementing takt production into residential construction.

Presentation 3 – Mikko Hirvonen
Title – Takt Method in the Everyday Life of the SME Company – Journey to Get There

Mikko Hirvonen is Business Development Manager in Respect companies. He is responsible for strategy and developing the company’s processes and services. Creating a company wide comprehensive capability for takt production has been flagship development project during past years.

Theme 2: Client Involvement in Project Delivery with Takt

Who decides whether takt planning is used on a project? There are many considerations and leadership can come from the side of anyone of the parties involved: the General Superintendent on a project (even when the project owner did not ask that takt be used), the owner. This session’s speakers will share their perspectives on taking leadership for takting a project.

Presentation 4 – Jasmiina Hietala and Martti Nurminen
Title – Delivery of a Megaproject with 1-day Takt: Helsinki Airport Terminal 2

Jasmiina Hietala is Project Manager at SRV.

Martti Nurminen is the Project Director at Finavia Corporation.

Presentation 5 – Dan Murphy, Turner Construction
Tittle – Why a Superintendent uses Takt Even When the Owner Does Not Ask For It

Dan Murphy is Project Superintendent at Turner Construction. He has more than 10 years of experience using takt to plan all phases of building projects. He has worked on healthcare and commercial building projects. His most recent projects have been for a public owner who did not specify the use of takt.

Presentation 6 – Janosch Dlouhy
Title – Industrial Owner’s Strategy with Takt

Janosch Dlouhy is an expert on production in construction. Since 2013 he is charge of the implementation of Lean Construction, Lean
Design and Lean Equipment in the Construction Department of the BMW Group. He leads the Lean construction network in BMW for construction projects. In the German Lean Construction Institute (GLCI) he is responsible for the group based in
Munich. His master thesis set foundations in Taktplanning and Taktcontrol and was honored with the
AGI Price in Aachen. He is co-founder of the startup TAKT.ing.

Registration Fees

P2SL Members – $75
Open Registration – $100
Sponsors and Presenters – no fee
Members of Building 2030, RAIN3, IPT4, Lean Construction Institute Finland – no fee
UC Berkeley Students – no fee
Full-time Student or Academic (not affiliated with UC Berkeley) – $20

Agenda Details

PSTEESTWednesday 9 November 2022
7:0017:00Welcome: Iris Tommelein (UC Berkeley)
7:1017:10Theme 1 Introduction: Joonas Lehtovaara (Aalto University) – “Cultural Change with Takt Production”
7:2017:20Presentation 1: “Takt Production in Skanska Nordics – We are better together” Pekka Kujansuu and Magnus Vissebråten (Skanska Norway/Finland)
7:4517:45Presentation 2: “Takt as a Production System: Business Portfolio Flow and Situational Awareness” Kasperi Koivu (Fira)
8:1018:10Presentation 3: “Takt method in the everyday life of the SME company – journey to get there” Mikko Hirvonen (Respect Project)
8:3518:35Breakout 1 – How mature is your takt production development?
8:4518:45Q&A from Breakout 1 with Speakers from Theme 1
9:1019:10Closing the session: Joonas Lehtovaara (Aalto University)
9:2019:20BREAK (20 min)
9:4019:40Theme 2 Introduction: Aleksi Heinonen (Vison Oy) – “Client Involvement in Project Delivery with Takt”
9:4519:45Presentation 4: “Delivery of a Megaproject with 1-day Takt: Helsinki Airport Terminal 2” Jasmiina Hietala and Martti Nurminen
10:1020:10Presentation 5: “Why a Superintendent uses takt even when the owner does not ask for it” Dan Murphy, Turner Construction
10:3520:35Presentation 6: “Industrial Owner’s Strategy with Takt” Janosch Dlouhy
11:0021:00Breakout 2 – How to lead change towards using takt production?
11:1021:10Q&A from Breakout 2 with Speakers from Theme 2
11:3521:35Closing the session: Aleksi Heinonen (Vison Oy)
11:4021:40Closing the Forum + Plus-Delta: Iris Tommelein (UC Berkeley)

Takt Resources

Glossary of Terms

For definitions of terms, consult the P2SL Glossary.

This glossary is a work in progress. Email us if a term needs further clarification or if you wish to suggest that additional words be included.


In case you missed the First International Forum on Takt Production in Construction, you will find the readings posted here https://p2sl.berkeley.edu/events/2022-05-1718-takt-forum/

Takt Planning: A Work Structuring Method in the Last Planner® System

  • Ballard, G. and Tommelein, I.D. (2021). 2020 Benchmark of the Last Planner System. Project Production Systems Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA, available at https://escholarship.org/uc/item/5t90q8q9

Theme 1: Cultural Change with Takt Production

Theme 2: Client Involvement in Project Delivery with Takt