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Third International Forum on

23 May 2023

P2SL is pleased to announce the Third International Forum on Takt Production in Construction, that will be hosted online on Tuesday 23 May 2023, from 7:00 AM – 12:00 noon PST (California time), 17:00-22:00 EEST (Finland time).

This forum is organized by UC Berkeley’s Project Production System Laboratory (P2SL) in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) as well as with Aalto University and Vison Oy in Finland.

With industry case examples and discussion sessions, the Forum’s aim is to disseminate takt production knowledge, spur new ideas, foster discussion, and increase collaboration between takt experts and enthusiasts from countries around the world.

The Forum’s sessions are arranged around two themes, each covering presentations from world-class takt experts and followed by break-out group- and plenary discussions.


Iris Tommelein

Forum Host: Iris is a Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Project Management and she directs the Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL) at UC Berkeley. She was recognized by the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) as a Lean Pioneer. Since 2012 she has been involved in takt planning research, workshops, and implementation.

Aleksi Heinonen

Theme 1 Chair: Aleksi is a partner in Vison Oy, a pioneering Finnish consulting company in IPD and takt production implementation. Aleksi has been involved in dozens of takt production cases, ranging from small residential projects to megaprojects such as hospitals and airports.

Joonas Lehtovaara

Theme 2 Chair: Joonas completed his PhD at Aalto University in Finland, developing his expertise and advancing the state of the art of takt production. Currently, Joonas works as a development manager at A-Insinöörit, Finnish engineering and consulting office.

Presenters Theme 1 – Learning takt production from other industries

Jaakko Mäkikalli, Makinen

Jaakko has extensive experience in managing projects in the Marine Industry. He has successfully planned, scheduled, and executed dry dock projects for more than 20 million euros. Mäkikalli joined Makinen in 2016 as project manager. He became vice president for the company’s refurbishment department, and CEO of the company in 2021. Mäkikalli also has vast experience and know-how in marketing and business relations as well as in travel and hospitality business.


Ari Viitanen, Carinafour

Ari is a professional business owner. He held management positions in international marine business between 1999 and 2014 during which he was involved in business model renewal and solution development globally. He founded Carinafour in 2012 and now provides supply chain and logistics solutions both for construction and marine industries. Carinafour developed its own digital material management platform called CALS.

Peter Meijnen, Denkyu Consulting

Peter is a feelance consultant based in Berlin, Germany, specializing in Lean Thinking and Doing. Practicing Lean since 1998, providing advice, implementation, and coaching from the shop floor to the executive level, he has worked across four continents, supporting clients across many different industries, from manufacturing to construction and semi-conductors.

Presenters Theme 2 – Takt beyond phase planning in building construction

Veronica Ksiazenicki, Stiler, Uruguay

Veronica has 11 years of experience as site manager and is Head of Production Control of Stiler Constructora, the largest construction company in Uruguay. They started Lean implementation in 2021 and have successfully implemented both Last Planner© and Takt Production in several infrastructure projects including bridges, roads, water and sewage systems, electricity distribution, and telecommunication networks. 

Carlos Formoso, Professor, UFRGS

Carlos is a full professor in Construction Management at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, and an IGLC member since 1996. For thirty years of academic career, he has developed several research projects related to Lean implementation in partnership with the industry, including contractors, real estate developers, housing funding agencies, and companies that deliver prefabricated systems.

Hans Thomas Holm, Statsbygg, Norway

Hans Thomas works as a head of project management at Statsbygg, Norway. He has vast experience in project management and applying lean concepts into practice. He has also co-authored a book “Lean methodology in design and construction: Experiences from the project.

Picture of Spencer EASTON

Spencer Easton, Mortensen

Spencer is an author, subject matter expert, practitioner and passionate builder within the context of takt in construction. His degree is in construction management. He has taught thousands of people across the globe & currently is directing the company-wide efforts for 5S, Last Planner© System, and Takt Planning at Mortenson Construction.


Participants who registered for this event can download the presentations the presenters agreed to share, posted here.

Theme 1 – Learning takt production from other industries – manufacturing, marine refurbishments and construction

  1. Lean cruise ship cabin refurbishment – Jaakko Mäkikalli (Makinen)
  2. ’Plan for every part’ to enable continuous production flow – cruise vessel production – Ari Viitanen (Carinafour)
  3. Concept of takt time in construction and other industries – Peter Meijnen (Denkyu Consulting)

Theme 2 – Takt beyond phase planning in building construction

  1. Application of takt production in underground linear infrastructure construction projects – Veronica Ksiazenicki (Stiler Constructora, Uruguay) and Carlos Formoso (UFRGS)
  2. Takt in design at the Life Science project / The journey of applying takt – Hans Thomas Holm (Head of Project Statsbygg)
  3. Takt–LPS connection – Spencer Easton (Mortenson)



PST EEST Tuesday 23 May 2023
7:00 17:00 Welcome: Iris Tommelein (UC Berkeley)
7:10 17:10

Theme 1 Introduction – Aleksi Heinonen (Vison Oy): “Learning takt production from other industries: manufacturing, marine refurbishments and construction.”

Takt production requires new ways of thinking and in this session we will broaden our sight to learn about the use of takt planning in industries other than construction.

7:20 17:20

Presentation 1: “Lean cruise ship cabin refurbishment” Jaakko Mäkikalli (Makinen) 20 min + Q&A 5 min

7:45 17:45 Presentation 2: “’Plan for every part’ to enable continuous production flow: cruise vessel production” Ari Viitanen (Carinafour) 20 min + Q&A 5 min
8:10 18:10 Presentation 3: “Concept of takt time in construction and other industries” Peter Meijnen (Denkyu Consulting) 20 min + Q&A 5 min
8:35 18:35 Breakout 1 (10 min)
8:45 18:45 Q&A from Breakout 1 with Speakers from Theme 1
9:10 19:10 Closing the Session: Aleksi Heinonen (Vison Oy)
9:20 19:20 BREAK (20 min)
9:40 19:40

Theme 2 Introduction – Joonas Lehtovaara (Aalto University/AINS Group): “Takt beyond phase planning in building construction.”

Many takt planning report-outs have been on methods to develop a phase plan for building construction processes that are takted. In this session, presenters will talk about the application of takt in infrastructure planning, in design, and how takt planning aligns with all phases of the Last Planner® System.

9:45 19:45 Presentation 4: “Application of takt production in underground linear infrastructure construction projects” Veronica Ksiazenicki (Stiler Constructora, Uruguay) and Carlos Formoso (UFRGS) 20 min + Q&A 5 min
10:10 20:10 Presentation 5: “Takt in design at the Life Science project / The journey of applying takt” Hans Thomas Holm (Head of Project Statsbygg) 20 min + Q&A 5 min”
10:35 20:35 Presentation 6: “Takt – LPS connection” Spencer Easton (Mortenson) 20 min + Q&A 5 min
11:00 21:00 Breakout 2 (10 min)
11:10 21:10 Q&A from Breakout 2 with Speakers from Theme 2
11:35 21:35 Closing the Session: Joonas Lehtovaara (Aalto University/AINS Group)
11:40 21:40 Closing the Forum + Plus-Delta: Iris Tommelein (UC Berkeley)
11:40 21:40 Adjourn

Registration Fees

    • P2SL Members – $75
    • Members of Building 2030 and RIL in Finland – no fee
    • Sponsors and Presenters – no fee
    • Open Registration – $95
    • UC Berkeley Students – no fee
    • Full-time Student or Academic (not affiliated with UC Berkeley) – $10

Takt Planning Resources

Glossary of Terms

For definitions of terms, consult the P2SL Glossary.

This glossary is a work in progress. Email us if a term needs further clarification or if you wish to suggest that additional words be included.


In case you missed the First International Forum on Takt Production in Construction, you will find the readings posted here

Takt Planning: A Work Structuring Method in the Last Planner® System

  • Ballard, G. and Tommelein, I.D. (2021). 2020 Benchmark of the Last Planner System. Project Production Systems Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA, available at

Theme 1: Learning takt production from other industries; manufacturing, marine refurbishments and construction

Theme 2: Takt beyond phase planning in building construction


This event will take place on zoom. Registered participants will be emailed the zoom link.