Lean Construction Courses at UC Berkeley

We teach two graduate-level courses on Lean Construction that are part of the Engineering and Project Management Program (E&PM) offered through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Undergraduate senior-level students in their final semester may request permission to enroll in these courses and count them as a technical elective.

If you are not enrolled in the full-time Master’s or PhD program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, you may request permission to enroll in these courses through the Concurrent Enrollment program offered through UC Extension.

1. CE268A Lean Construction Concepts and Methods

Inspired by the “lean” resolution in manufacturing, production management concepts and methods are woven into a lean project delivery system. Key concepts include flow, value, variability, and waste. Key methods include production system design, target costing, value stream mapping, and work flow control. Student teams apply concepts and methods in field studies of real project management processes and construction operations. The course includes two field trips.

2. CE268B Lean Construction and Supply Chain Management

Principles and practices of “lean” production are applied to project delivery in the AEC industry. Case studies illustrate the concepts. Project delivery is viewed holistically with a focus on work structuring and supply chain management. Topics include systems dynamics, uncertainty, and variation; materials management; logistics; e-commerce; building information modeling (BIM); and integrated product and process design. Students use computer-based process simulation to assess performance of different system configurations and develop a case study applying concepts on a real project.