Dr. Iris D. Tommelein
Director of P2SL

Professor, Engineering and Project Management Program, UC Berkeley

Dr. Glenn Ballard
Research Associate of P2SL

Rafael Vighario Coelho
PhD Student
Takt Planning and Alternative Planning Methods
Sulyn Gomez
PhD Student
Psychological Safety
Vishesh Singh
PhD Student
Technology Apps and Visual Management Tools for Takt Planning


Alex Diab
Visiting Scholar Spring 2020
Genetic Algorithm to Support Takt Planning in Construction Projects
Fernanda Bataglin
Visiting Scholar Spring 2020
Buffering Methods in Project Production Systems
Ida Tvedt
Visiting Scholar Spring 2020
PhD Student at NTNU Norway
Psychological Safety and Organizational Resilience
Arman Jabbari
PhD 2020
Project Planning Algorithms: Lowering Cost and Improving Delivery Time in Capital Projects
Frandson 2013 Adam Frandson
PhD 2019
Takt Time Planning as a Work Structuring Method to Improve Construction Work Flow
Nigel_BLAMPIED_2013 Nigel Blampied
PhD 2018
Parametric Functions for Conceptual and Feasibility Cost Estimating in Public Highway Project Portfolios
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Audrey.jpg Dr. Audrey Bascoul
PhD 2017
Research Affiliate of P2SL
Managing Project Structural Complexity by Integrating Facility Management in Planning, Designing, and Execution of High-End Facility Upgrades
Frode Drevland
Visiting Scholar
Assistant Professor at NTNU, Norway
Ahmad El Merhebi
MS Student F17-S18
Gabriele Hofinger Jünge
Visiting Scholar, PhD Candidate in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at NTNU, Norway
demirkesen_sevilay_2016 Dr. Sevilay Demirkesen
Post-doctoral Scholar
Jesco Beck
Visiting Scholar 2017-18
Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany
Amin Haddadi
Visiting Scholar 2016-17
NTNU, Norway
 Ali Hosseini
Visiting Scholar 2016-17
NTNU, Norway
Markus Kohl
Visiting Scholar
Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany
 Ergo Pikas
Visiting Scholar 2016-17
Aalto University, Finland
MARTINEZ_Eder_2016 Dr. Eder Martinez
PhD 2016
Exploring the use of the Lean Principles to deliver affordable housing in Latin America
ASLESEN_Sigmund_2016_original b Sigmund Aslesen
Visiting Scholar 2015-16
Veidekke, Norway
JUNGHANS_Antje_2016 Dr. Antje Junghans
Visiting Scholar
Professor, NTNU, Norway
Spring 2016
Tarik Sadi Tarek Sadi
Visiting Scholar
Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany
DIETZ_VIANA_Dani_2016 Dr. Daniela Dietz Viana
Visiting Scholar 2015
UFRGS, Brazil
Paz_ARROYO_2014 Dr. Paz Arroyo
PhD 2014
Exploring Decision-making Methods for Sustainable Design in Commercial Buildings
Dr. Patricia Tillmann
Visiting Scholar
Julian Wilberg
Visiting Scholar 2014-15
Managing Engineering Change using the Viable Systems Model
MS Thesis, Technical University Munich, Germany
Hyun Woo (Chris) Lee
PhD 2012
Application of Target Value Design to Energy Efficiency Investments
Doanh Do
MS Student
Target Value Design
Dr. Seong Kyun Cho
PhD 2011
Relation between Lean Construction and Performance in the Korean Construction Industry
Dr. Hung Nguyen
PhD 2010
Process-Based Cost Modeling to Support Target Value Design
Fabian Furtmeier
Visiting Scholar 2010
Technical University Munich, Germany
Complexity in Lean Design in the AEC Industry
MS Thesis
Dr. Peter Pei-Yin Feng
PhD 2009
Causes and Effects of Rework on the Delivery of Healthcare Facilities in California
Dr. Farook Hamzeh
PhD 2009
Improving Construction Workflow – The Role of Production Planning and Control
Dr. Kristen D. Parrish
PhD 2009
Applying a Set-based Design Approach to Reinforcing Steel Design
Dr. Zofia Kristina Rybkowski
PhD 2009
Application of root cause analysis and target value design to evidence-based design in the capital planning of healthcare facilities
Dr. Stan Tuholski
PhD 2008
Transformation, Flow, and Value Constellations in AEC Projects
Dr. Colin Milberg
PhD 2006
Application of Tolerance Management to Civil Systems
Dr. Thais da Costa Lago Alves
PhD 2005
Buffering Practices in HVAC Ductwork Supply Chains
Dr. Cynthia C.Y. Tsao
PhD 2005
Use of Work Structuring to Increase Performance of Project-based Production Systems
Dr. Hyun Jeong (James) Choo
PhD 2003
Distributed Planning and Coordination to Support Lean Construction
Dr. Jan Alarik Elfving
PhD 2003
Exploration of Opportunities to Reduce Lead Times for Engineered-to-Order Products
Dr. Nuno Gil
PhD 2001
Product-Process Development Simulation to Support Specialty Contractor Involvement in Design