2018-04-25 P2SL Annual Conference

P2SL 2018

Garden Room, UC Berkeley Clark Kerr Campus

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Why Should You Attend?

The Annual Conference is the day we share our cutting-edge Lean Construction research with you, so you’ll leave with a lot of food for thought!

UC Berkeley’s Project Production Systems Laboratory (P2SL) has conducted a significant amount of research since we founded it in 2005. At this annual conference we will report out on our recent findings, ongoing work, and new initiatives. Our students and staff will present the ‘action research’ we are pursuing with our members from industry, and we would like to encourage you to become a P2SL member to learn from research together with us.

Every participant will receive the latest edition of our Lean Construction Glossary with 350+ terms.

Please join us in sharing provocative ideas and engaging in rich discussion.


  • Report on P2SL research findings and disseminate them to practitioners,
  • Solicit participation of industry in P2SL action research

Desired Outcomes

  • Have companies become P2SL members
  • Industry participants engage in research
  • Renewed/new funding for ongoing/new research initiatives

AGENDA (subject to minor changes)

8:30 Welcome, Introductions, and Overview Iris
8:40 Cost Modeling in Target Value Delivery Glenn & Students
9:40 Takt Planning Iris Tommelein, Lian Bardaweel, and Gabriele Jünge
10:40 Break  
11:10 Construction Safety Glenn & Students
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Mistakeproofing Iris
14:00 Last Planner System Development Glenn & Students
15:00 Break  
15:20 What is “Value” in Project Delivery Frode Drevland
15:50 Input from Audience on Present and Future P2SL Research All
16:20 Plus/Delta All
16:30 Adjourn  

Registration Fees

Go to our online system to register and pay for your registration, click:

  • $75 for employees of P2SL member companies
  • $250 for non-members
  • $75 for full-time academics and students

NOTE: If you register but find you cannot attend this event, please ask a colleague in your company to take your place. Sorry we do not process refunds.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about lean project delivery and changes taking place in the industry!

Questions about this or other P2SL Initiatives?

Please contact Glenn Ballard, Director of P2SL, at 415/710-5531 or email him at gballard@berkeley.edu.