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(to) hand off

The act of releasing an output from a step or operation to the customer or production unit performing the next step or operation.

Example: A structural steel design is “handed off” by the engineer to the steel detailer to complete shop drawings, a room that has been framed is “handed off” by the framer to the drywall installer, or all construction on a floor of a hospital is completed and it is “handed off” to the hospital personnel to begin “staff and stock” activities.

hand-off criteria

The criteria spelled out as conditions of satisfaction discussed and explicitly agreed upon between the provider and the customer (i.e., the parties to a hand-off).


The Japanese term meaning reflection, a means to learn from observation of a current situation, an experiment, a breakdown, etc.

heijunka, demand leveling, production leveling

→ see load leveling

House of Toyota

Representation of the fundamental building blocks that make up the Toyota Production System.

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